Departure to the place and preliminary assessment of the cost of scrap in storage

You want to hand over scrap favorably, but do not know the market prices, cannot determine the type of scrap?

The most frequently handed over metals are: steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.

For example, the difference in the cost of different types of black scrap can reach 30.000 HUF, for aluminum – 300.000 HUF, copper – 600.000 HUF.

The cost of scrap depends on the following factors:

– chemical composition;

– sources of origin (education);

– overall dimensions;- thickness;

– bulk density;

– physical cleanliness (presence of contaminants);

– terms of delivery (delivery to destination or pickup);

– terms of payment.

At your request, representatives of our company can go to the site and make a preliminary assessment of the cost of scrap, which is located on the territory of your enterprise:

  • conduct a spectral analysis of the scrap (if necessary, take samples for chemical analysis)
  • give recommendations on sorting scrap and preparing for sale;
  • they will report the current market price for each type (grade) of scrap for the relevant payment and delivery conditions.

Your benefits from working with us:

  • We use professional measuring equipment.
  • We use a wide information field for scrap price quotes (BDSW, EUWID indices; London LME exchange, etc.)
  • The possibility of selling scrap to metallurgical enterprises in Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Ukraine, Poland, etc.
  • Transparent procurement of ferrous scrap taking into account the requirements of Hungarian law.
  • Bonuses for regular customers.
  • Payment of delivered scrap within 1 day.

Service cost:

  • Departure to the place (carrying out spectral analysis, issuing recommendations on the preparation of scrap, price offer) – 30.000 HUF (in the case of delivering scrap to KERAMET Hungary Kft, this service is provided free of charge);
  • Conducting a complete chemical analysis – 100.000 HUF