Dismantling of metal structures and equipment of any level of complexity

Today, situations often arise in large enterprises when old, decommissioned metal structures stand intact and occupy a place in industrial territories and limit the production capabilities of organizations. In such cases, the management decides to dismantle such structures and remove waste outside the enterprise. At the same time, it is important to understand that self-dismantling attempts are extremely inefficient and very dangerous. First of all, dismantling must be properly planned. In this case, it is necessary not only to carefully disassemble the structure, but also not to damage nearby structures, as well as correctly prepare the structural elements for convenient transportation. Dismantling is sometimes more difficult than building a structure. Especially when it comes to complex metal structures and reinforced concrete structures. The main criterion of complexity in this case is the increased risk of injuries, destruction of communications, etc. In this case, it is extremely important to choose a professional company for dismantling, whose specialists will perform a number of complex works reliably and on time. The second important factor in favor of applying for qualified services – the cost of work can be significantly offset by scrap metal, which will be removed by the contractor after dismantling. We offer not only services for the dismantling of metal structures, but also self-collection of waste with special equipment, as well as the purchase of parts of structures and other scrap metal.

When dismantling complex objects, you must remember that you will always need:

  • a certain amount of specialized equipment
  • project work and contract
  • workers with certain skills
  • an appropriate working tool
  • transport for scrap metal removal

Our company has extensive experience in the field of dismantling structures of any complexity and their prompt transportation.

We make dismantling:

  • hangars, canopies
  • crane ways
  • pipes- towers, water towers
  • machine tools, equipment
  • refrigeration, ventilation equipment
  • boiler rooms
  • heating systems
  • advertising constructions
  • fences, fences
  • rail tracks
  • we make cleaning of metal of shops, platforms, factories
  • reinforcement during the dismantling of reinforced concrete products


Remember that a high risk of injury and damage to communications of other objects can cost a considerable amount with an illiterate approach, so the main criterion for choosing an artist for dismantling should be his high qualification and experience.

Turning to the company KERAMET Hungary Kft, you can be sure of the quality and quick deadlines.

Your benefits from working with us:

  • The presence of teams (personnel and equipment) for the dismantling of metal structures of any complexity.
  • All possible risks associated with the dismantling process (accidents, damage to the accident, etc.) will be covered at our expense;
  • Transparent procurement of ferrous scrap taking into account the requirements of Hungarian law.

The cost of dismantling services is provided after departure to the place of our specialists.