About Us

KERAMET Hungary Kft is a dynamically developing company with 7 years of successful experience in the markets of Hungary and the European Union, providing a full range of services for the procurement, transportation and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.

Our mission

Building a socially responsible business aimed at organizing the return to the production process of the largest possible amount of industrial waste in order to maintain a balance between the ever-increasing need of mankind for material resources and the preservation of natural wealth for future generations.

Our goals

Become one of the leaders in the Hungarian and European markets for scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Become the most low-cost ferrous scrap trader in Hungary.


Continuous work to reduce production costs by optimizing processes.

Improving the quality of supplied products by attracting the most advanced technologies.



Ismét a TOP 500-ban

A HVG november 3-án megjelent számában hozta ismét nyilvánosságra az 500 legnagyobb árbevételű magyarországi cég listáját. A rangsorban – amely a cégek 2015-ös árbevételei alapján készült – a Keramet Hungary...

October 27, 2019
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Place of work: 2400 Dunaújváros, Vasmű tér 1-3.


Keramet Hungary Kft.


  • +36303669704
    Director: Protsenko Sergiy
  • +3625583385
    Assistant: Kovács Marina
  • info@keramet.hu
  • 2400 Dunaújváros, Vasmű tér 1-3