Scrap processing services

The cost of scrap depends on the following factors:

– chemical composition;

– sources of origin (education);

– overall dimensions;

– thickness;

– bulk density;

– physical cleanliness (presence of contaminants);

– terms of delivery (delivery to destination or pickup);

– terms of payment.

Very often, in order to increase the cost of scrap it must be pre-processed:

– reduce overall dimensions;

– increase bulk density;

Our company has extensive experience in the field of scrap processing of any complexity

We process in the following ways:

  • cutting scrap with a mixture of gases (oxygen + propane);
  • cutting scrap with oxygen;
  • cutting scrap on a press scissors;
  • packaging scrap on press scissors;
  • crushing of scrap;


 Your benefits from working with us:

  • The increase in the value of scrap after processing;
  • The presence of teams (personnel and equipment) for the processing of scrap.
  • All possible risks associated with the scrap processing process (accidents, damage to the accident, etc.) will be covered at our expense;- Speed ​​(production capacities allow processing batching and cutting per day.


Cost of service (in the territory of KERAMET Hungary Kft):

# Method Price
1 cutting scrap with a mixture of gases (oxygen + propane) 5000 ppm/t
2 cutting scrap with oxygen 5000 ppm/t
3 cutting scrap on a press scissors 5000 ppm/t
4 packaging of scrap on a press scissors 5000 ppm/t
5 scrap crushing 5000 ppm/t